Commercial Projects

Labbee Mint

A client came to us with an opportunity to design a new commercial office building with a state-of-the-art lab space for a local company. This company grows their own mint which it then uses to produce food grade mint oil extracts for use in cooking, toothpastes, and other flavoring applications.

For this project we designed the power distribution system (including standby backup power), building communications and networking systems. One unique aspect of this project was the sensitive nature of the lab equipment. The new lab included equipment which required 10 to 20 minutes of time to shut down smoothly in the event of a power outage in order to prevent possible damage to the equipment. The geographic location of the building near the end of the serving electric utility’s lines and a thin utility capacity led to intermittent power issues in the area. To accommodate this utility issue and the sensitive equipment, we implemented a large UPS system which keeps the equipment powered on until the building’s standby generator has started providing backup power to the building.

For this project, as with most of our commercial projects, we provided design services through bidding and construction administration and observation services through completion of the project.

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